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Since the beginning, Coaching Success TeleForums™ have served as a vehicle for creating and implementing dynamic and profitable SmartMatch Alliances™. Our alliance partners have included the world's largest training website, innovative web designers, technology companies, media groups, and sales and service organizations.

We believe SmartMatch Alliances are:

  • Win-win. Each alliance partner benefits and thrives.
  • Low- to no-risk. Usually, alliance partners don't spend money unless they're making money, or as we like to say...revenues first...expenses second!
  • Easy to develop. The simpler, the better.
  • High leverage. A small investment of time and effort yields big results.
  • Low- or no-cost. Partners substitute creative thinking for big money.
  • Flexible. Solid alliances are easy to get started and easy-to-revise.
  • Just-in-time. No inventory to build and store, no extra resources hassles!
  • Profitable. Some solid business math: great leverage + high visibility = big profits.
  • Fun. And why not?

As the authors of the book, SmartMatch Alliances™, we stay current with leading alliance trends and innovative approaches for high-visible marketing and sales opportunities. Please join us for our free monthly AllianceWizard TeleForum and hear many new and innovative ideas!

Over the years, our clients around the world have asked us to help them develop SmartMatch Alliances. As a result, we provide Alliance Brokering where we provide the following:

  • Alliance wisdom and insight
  • Step-by-step, how to build a SmartMatch Alliance
  • Guidance and help with alliance negotiations
  • Creative thinking when looking for alliance EOVs {exchange of value}
  • Laser questions, for addressing alliance pitfalls

Would you like to learn more about forming an alliance with Coaching Success™? Please complete the form above.

In response to requests we received from those who had already read our book, SmartMatch Alliances, we offer a "Train-The-Trainer" program. This program will help you with the following:

  • Implement alliances for your company, with grace and ease
  • Help your clients and their leaders create exceptional alliances
  • Develop the marketing engine for half and full-day alliance workshops
  • Develop the confidence to deliver 3-6-12 month TeleForum programs

Interested? Send an E-mail to with "SMA Trainer"
in the Subject Line

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