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Our book called "SmartMatch Alliances" continues to receive positive feedback from readers around the world. Our series of TeleForums called AllianceWizard are specifically designed for companies and individuals who are ready to use the power of alliances to accelerate their business success.

This TeleForum will be a place to gain our input and insights into your own alliances--and ask your specific questions about the concepts we cover in our book. SmartMatch Alliances™ are an important component of our clients' strategies and an important part of the work we do together. We stay current with leading alliance trends and high-leverage opportunities! Please join us for our free monthly AllianceWizard TeleForums and hear many new and innovative ideas!

Learn how you can quickly:

  • Charge more, earn more and have more fun!
  • Attract better business prospects - in greater numbers ... faster than ever before!
  • Learn a no-nonsense process for maximizing your alliance results!

    In order to follow the content of the TeleForums you will want to have the book SmartMatch Alliances™ .

    By purchasing our book (mailed directly to you) and our Alliance Journal (free with book purchase; delivered via E-mail as a PDF file) you can break through the clutter and connect directly with big-ticket buyers and high-potential prospects - a means of attracting more clients, customers, and prospects than you've ever imagined!

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