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Our behavior styles and values are shaped and formed by the age of ten to twelve and can be numerically measured. Research has shown that if we match the right candidate to the right job, this person will succeed. Using validated and powerful assessment tools, we can numerically match the best person for each sales, management and professional position…a person who will have a passion to succeed in the culture of your company. Assessments will also put you in control of the hiring and selection process as you will now have crucial information, prior to making any employment or promotion decisions. Plus, leading companies like 3M® and Xerox® use these powerful tools to hire SuperStars, as assessments communicate a professional/thorough interview process. In addition, assessments are a great tool for dynamic team building.

Selecting Sales SuperStars

To select Sales SuperStars, we use the following three assessments:

Managing For Success: This assessment has 24 questions and takes ten minutes to complete. An 11-page report will measure “how” a person responds to their work environment. This assessment will also include a page on “areas for improvement”, an important tool for using in a follow-up interview.

Personal Interests, Attitudes And Values: This assessment has 12 questions and takes ten minutes to complete. A seven-page report will measure “why” a salesperson is motivated to act the way they do. This assessment will also include a page on “economic drive”, a powerful tool for forecasting sales success.

Sales Strategy Index: This assessment has 54 questions and takes 25 to 35 minutes to complete. A five-page report will measure how well a person understands the sales and selling process. This assessment will also include two important sales graphs, a great tool for spotting sales strengths and weaknesses.

Once these three assessments have been completed, we will send you a faxed summary recapping how this person compares to a database of Sales SuperStars. For non-sales positions, we use Managing For Success and Personal Interests Attitudes and Values. These two assessments are perfect for hiring and team building. While assessments will never replace an in-person interview or your business experience as a hiring manager/executive, it will provide a powerful guide to raise the “probability” for hiring and managing a team of SuperStars.

If you would like to learn more about powerful assessment tools, complete the form above.


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