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Our Clients
Are Winning!

We partnered with a technology company, bringing our TeleForum model to their clients and prospects.

Client quote: "Our marketing exposure, and thus our revenue, have taken a quantum leap!"

We created a strategic alliance for providing sponsored TeleForums with a large training website, working directly with their key advertising clients.

Client quote: "We love this new way to sell bigger, bundled advertising packages."

We coached a multi-housing sales and service company to double their business each year since 1997.

Client quote: "Thanks for the many, many ways you have helped us."

We realigned a law firm's profitability and in five months of this year they equaled last year's total income.

Client quote: "...We are utterly amazed! Thanks for your great coaching!"

We guided a senior executive with his critical career transition.

Client quote: "Thanks for helping me get an enormous raise and a great relocation package!"

We created and delivered a custom-designed series of TeleForums on "Organizational Change" for a Fortune 100 global company.

Client quote: "Your semi-monthly calls brought our teams from chaos to clarity."

We helped a female Vice President gain greater career success while juggling multiple roles, large challenges, and a tendency to over-commit.

Client quote: "With your coaching, I got back my life."

Since 1996 we have been providing TeleForums for a wide variety of professions and industries.

Client quote: "I love the shared wisdom of working with similar business owners...we all became more successful!"

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