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Articles On Process

Virtual Alliances: Easy and Profitable ©
An article of 510 words with a focus on: creating and managing successful virtual corporations and alliances.

Three Effortless Ways to Win the Paperwork Battle ©
An article of 919 words with a focus on: setting up your paperwork system and how to use the four D’s: Do It, Delegate It, Decide or Dump It.

Comfortable Co-existence In Cyberspace ©
An article of 2500 words with a focus on: chain letters, attached files, spam, hoaxes, Internet mailing lists, netiquette, and other cyber-"tolerations": The CASH-IN checklist.

Mind Mapping…And Loving It! ©
An article of 911 words with a focus on: what is mind mapping, how to get started and how to convert words into action steps.

Reflections On People I've Never Met ©
An article of 888 words with a focus on: the power of virtual communications and successful virtual alliances.

23 Tips For Mastering E-mail ©
An article of 1002 words with a focus on: tips for using e-mail with prospective new clients, within your company and as a marketing tool.

Information Overload in "SoHoCo" ©
An article of 1002 words with a focus on: small office/home office adds car office to bring you...information overload invades your car!

E-Mail Diversification ©
An article of 1093 words with a focus on: stretch your E-mail systems for leverage and increased business reach.

Another Kind Of Insurance: Computer Crashes, Recovery, and Backup ©
An article of 1152 words with a focus on: a "first person account" of a risk taken (not on purpose), and some ways to prevent the frustrating process of putting the pieces back together.

Entrepreneurial Advice From Archimedes ©
An article of 955 words with a focus on: applying the ancient wisdom of the Greek mathematician Archimedes to modern-day business.

Marketing Your Reference Information...It Works! ©
An article of 727 words with a focus on: defining reference information, marketing your reference information and a compelling case study

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