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Articles on Products/Services

Specialties And Niches: Target Your Market and Thrive ©
An article of 313 words with a focus on: creating niches and specialties for your business success.

Three Easy Ways To Know Thy Competitor ©
An article of 820 words with a focus on: how to learn about your competitor and their people/product/pricing.

Stop, Look And Listen -- For Market Research ©
An article of 495 words with a focus on: eight ways to listen to your customers, clients and prospects.

How To Track Your Advertising Like A Hawk ©
An article of 881 words with a focus on: how to develop an advertising tracking system, how to identify the advertising source and how to create a file for following-up with return prospects.

POP Branding! ©
An article of 727words with a focus on: The three key principles in putting the Person-Over-Product.

Client Appreciation -- It Means Everything! ©
An article of 763 words with a focus on: developing a monthly appreciation plan, building appreciation themes and how to evaluate the success of this program.

The Magic Triangle: Quality, Cost, And Time ©
An article of 880 words with a focus on: How this "triangle" model can help you position your products/services and gain clarity when making important business decisions.

How To Turn An Unhappy Customer Into A Raving Fan ©
An article of 1023 words with a focus on: how to listen carefully to an unhappy customer, how to diffuse the situation and how to convert an unhappy customer into a raving fan.

Risk-Free Experiments For Your Business ©
An article of 1112 words with a focus on: how to develop strategies that soften or eliminate negative outcomes for your business.

Can Your Walls…Sell? ©
An article of 864 words with a focus on: how to inspire your clients, yourself and your team with your walls.

New Markets For Your New Ideas ©
An article of 904 words with a focus on: when we have a great new business idea, either from inspiration or from perspiration, what do we do next?

For Your Customers/Clients…What Is “Best” Service? ©
An article of 872 words with a focus on: how to develop/implement customer surveys and how to learn from your customers.

Your Voice Carries The Words Of 10,000 Sales! ©
An article of 992 words with a focus on: how to capture your voice/words, what to learn from your voice-mirror and how to link your voice/words with your sales success.

Can You Afford To Lose $230,400 In Sales Revenue? ©
An article of 834 words with a focus on: a powerful sales case study and how to calculate lost sales revenue.

Statistics Are Everything…Even The Small Ones! ©
An article of 806 words with a focus on: how to measure your sales statistics and your marketing efforts.

Gathering Is Great…Harvesting Is Better! ©
An article of 718 words with a focus on: how to gather and harvest information from prospects.

Follow-Up…And Win! ©
An article of 816 words with a focus on: seven important follow-up steps for converting a prospect into a new customer/client.

Marketing Your Reference Information...It Works! ©
An article of 727 words with a focus on: defining reference information, marketing your reference information and a compelling case study.

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