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Coaching Success TeleForums™

All of our coaching services are delivered by telephone in a format we call a TeleForum. A TeleForum uses a workshop format in a 60-minute interactive telephone conference call. Coaching Success TeleForums™ work with a cohesive group of people in your specific profession, company, industry or association. We also cover topics of interest for a wide variety of businesses. During a typical TeleForum you will receive insight, information, feedback, coaching, resources, tips, tools, techniques and valuable new ideas. Each TeleForum is easily accessed by telephone, which means you can participate and experience this lively and informative exchange of ideas from the convenience of your office or home…with no travel expense.

When working with our clients we provide group coaching TeleForums using our state-of-the-art teleconference system. Group coaching is interactive and dynamic, linking 5-20 participants--in corporations, and/or associations who are geographically dispersed.

Some key benefits to group coaching teleforums:

  • Strategic Industry/Major Employer News
  • Valuable Coaching On Leadership And Technology
  • 100+ Years Of Shared Industry Wisdom
  • New Sales/Marketing Tools
  • Leading-Edge Corporate Housing Trends
  • Powerful Resources And Networking

We're on the leading-edge in distance learning for corporations and organizations, using our TeleForum format and working with groups of 15-100+ participants. This model includes web-based training, expert presenters and powerful coaching.

Many of our clients and their companies are creating internal mentoring programs. A mentor must be able to combine the behavior of a role model, the skills of a teacher, the wisdom of an advisor, the care of a coach and the inspiration of a leader. In response, we have developed a 50-step Train-The-Mentor and other Train-The-Trainer programs.

Strategic alliances, the subject of our book SmartMatch Alliances™, are an important component of our clients' strategies and an important part of the work we do together. This means we stay current with leading alliance trends and high-leverage opportunities! Please join us for our free monthly AllianceWizard TeleForum and hear many new and innovative ideas!

This Month's TeleForums:

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